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Hey, we're Brainloaf Studio! We're comprised of two homies who really like making games and lots of stupid things. We've been working on The Adventures of Bluke Bifton for three years now, and crafting a bunch of strange, smaller experiences along the way. Thanks for visiting!


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Fact Sheet

Game Name: The Adventures of Bluke Bifton Chapter 1
Developer: Brainloaf Studio
Release Date: Jul 20, 2023
Price: USD $5.99
Platforms: PC
Press Contact:


The Adventures of Bluke Bifton is a bizarre, hand-drawn adventure game set in a world of absolute absurdity. Journey across the once-peaceful Isle of Flungo, crafting alliances (or making enemies) with a wide cast of strange, fully-voiced characters. With a major focus on interactions and choices, every decision you make impacts your journey. It's time to meet some new friends, make some unexpected choices, and stand up against some violent, quite-possibly-insane foes! Uh... hope you're ready for an adventure!


Long ago, in the ancient year of 2019, two homies - Josh Edwards & crelish - had a strange idea for a game, and development on The Adventures of Bluke Bifton began. Inspired by choose-your-own-adventure books and choice-driven games, the two set out drafting a branching storyline, designing characters and coding up a storm. The duo had worked on some fun smaller projects before, but this marked the beginning of their first full-on endeavour into game-making!An initial version of the game materialized over about a year's time, and in August 2020 a group of very rad people on Kickstarter helped crowdfund the first chapter of Bluke's journey. In the years since, the Brainloaf boys have worked with tons of talented people to polish up and complete this opening chapter, including voice actors, a composer, and many friends. They've also participated in a bunch of game jam contests for fun, and won a few awards along the way.Now, with the game all polished and eye-scorchingly shiny, Bluke's adventure is finally ready to begin! Well, it's also the has-been mascot Captain Munch's story, and that shirtless, buff-as-hell duck's too. Don't forget the sentient block of parmesan cheese. Enjoy!


  • Explore the hand-drawn and animated Isle of Flungo from a side-scrolling, point-n-click style perspective

  • Embark on the world's weirdest road trip through the overworld, featuring optional objectives, a shop, and plenty of interactions

  • Meet absurd, fully-voiced characters ranging from a downtrodden TV-mascot to a sentient block of parmesan cheese

  • Face unpredictable choices, and be met with the equally-unexpected consequences of your actions in a branching storyline

  • Engage in genre-shifting minigames, making burgers one minute and fighting a massive boss bullet-hell style in another

  • Hmm... Did we mention leaderboards for those minigames? This calls for a musical rhythm game showdown!

  • Customize the titular Bluke Bifton with hats, and strike fear into your foes by creating and naming your own crime-fighting team

  • Jam out to a fully original soundtrack featuring over 20 genre-shifting character and gameplay themes

  • Enjoy your journey your way with a suite of accessibility options including profanity & blood filters, skippable minigame sequences, and fully remappable control schemes



Brainloaf Studios Logo

Brainloaf Studio is comprised of two homies who really like making games and lots of stupid things.We are...


Code Wizard

aka programmer, but that doesn't sound as cool

Josh has been making games since he was nine. Well... maybe it's a bit generous to call what he was able to put together back then "games," but it's the thought that counts - he's always loved the medium.It's Josh's job to keep the inner organs of Brainloaf's games from failing. He does okay. He also writes a lot of dialogue for said games. If you have any concerns about how stupid that dialogue is, don't come to him. He wrote it that way on purpose.In the past few years, Josh has been concocting The Adventures of Bluke Bifton in his magic code cauldron while also taking on some game jams for fun!


Artist & Animator

he draws the drawings!!!

Crelish enjoys only the most sophisticated of stories and jokes. Haha just kiddin', he likes poop jokes. He aspires to maybe make something with a serious tone some day. Today is not that day.


Lead Designer

she designs the things!!!


Production Coordinator

he keeps the dreams on track!